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Monday, July 26, 2010

Movida Next Door.

Movida and its little sister Movida Next Door have been frequented by me on numerous occasions and have always impressed. The food is quick, service is efficient and friendly, and the price is on the right side of affordable and justifiable. Movida Next Door is the kind of place one might come before or after a movie/show in the city or for a light snack with a friend. My partner and I went for dinner last week. The biggest downside to the place is that, on any day of the week at about dinner time (5.30-8.30) you are almost certainly going to face a wait for a table. (There is no bookings at Movida next door.) On this cold Wednesday night at 8ish, we were lucky to only wait 15 minutes at the bar with a vino. Other times though, I have waited over half an hr.

The food is amazing, particularly the Tapa. The tiny mouthfuls are smacked with different flavours and are so rich that often one of them is enough. Lucky then that staff do not bat an eye-lid when one of something is ordered. ( How many other places would take an order like this to the kitchen 'ah, we will have one oyster, one scallop, one of the sardines and two of the croquets. Yes, thats all.')

The one thing that I think is missing from the menu at both restaurants is greenery. The menu is very protein and salt rich. Although delicious, you find yourself dreaming about a salad on your way home.


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